Pykälistö is a former watch house, from 1898, along old train tracks. The original buildings in the area were built according to Bruno Granholms design like many other buildings along the Haapamäki-Jyväskylä-Suolahti train track. The old buildings at Pykälistö needed a lot of work and have been renovated from top to bottom to match the original design. At the same time with the renovations the area also got a matching new building to serve as working space where the artists can be found working.
There are also four old train carriages that work as exhibition space. One of the carriages also offers space for other young artists to exhibit their work.
Pykälistö is a very big part of both Kari's and Samuli's work. The development of Pykälistö is an ongoing process and it is much more than just the buildings and the art. The atmosphere is calm and it breathes culture. You would never believe you are just ten minutes away from the center of the city.