Kari Alonen

Kari Alonen (born 1953) is an established sculptor known for his argumentative works as well as works combining stone, glass and light in a totally new way. Humor and criticism towards society are weapons he uses towards flaws he detects.

Kari started his career as an environmental official but he soon came to the conclusion that art was his calling rather than a career in the office. Also the flaws in the system encouraged him to leave his job and gave him ideas for his argumentative works. The uncertainty gave way to the will to make art and Kari left the office and became an artist with no other source of income.

Kari's first private exhibition was in 1984, the focus being on cat sculptures made of slate stone. Kari's ”stone age” developed to a combination of different materials such as stone, glass and light after a round of exhibitions in prisons when he realised there's light inside stone.

Over the past few years Kari has been combining bronze, glass and light in his works. This has produced sculptures of books (”The light of reason”) among others. Monumental works are also a part of Kari's repertoir today.

Bold and determined experimenting with different materials has created fresh and new art experiences and it indicates that Kari is constantly on the move, creating and forming something new.